Carlisle Residence #1

Council | Town of Victoria Park
Lot Zoning | R30
Lot Area | 289m²

This single storey home in Carlisle was designed for an owner builder couple looking to downsize. Although simple, the design fulfils client’s brief, fits onto a tight lot and demonstrates that custom designed homes can be affordable.

Christine and Clyde J.
Client, New Residence in Carlisle
We contacted JC Design & Drafting after noting they do not keep a sole copyright over the design. This was important to us as most builders & draftspeople do keep the copyright. From the beginning Jakub has made every effort to understand our requirements and reflect those in the drawings. Being able to sit with him while he made adjustments to our drawings directly in his program was a real advantage as we were able to see the effect the changes had in other areas of the house. We found Jakub to be very knowledgeable suggesting changes that would improve the design and make the approval process smoother. We would definitely recommend JC Design & Drafting to anyone requiring the services of a draftsperson.