Here at JC DRAFTING we are passionate about ARCHICAD and the possibilities it provides to CAD technicians as well as building companies and architectural firms.

Are you looking at using ARCHICAD as your default drafting package or simply want to improve your existing template and workflow. We are active in the drafting and design industry, therefore understand what is required from documentation and how to get the best results from your investment.

There are many different libraries and ready to use templates available, however without proper guidance and expert input, it is likely that you are not using your software to its full potential.

We work closely with the client to understand what you want to achieve during design stages and from your final documentation. Customising your template and training your staff to use it correctly is critical to improving your company’s workflow and quality of the drawings produced.

Drafting is no longer just putting lines on paper. By using ARCHICAD you can provide additional services to your clients such as 3D walkthroughs and sun studies. Go paperless with your documentation using the award winning BIMx software! There are so many possibilities you may not be aware of. Contact Jakub to find out more!

Just some of the services we provide:
ARCHICAD Software Implementation
Custom Template Creation
Custom GDL Content Creation

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